Born in New Deli, India, and moving to Atlanta, Ga, after 20 years in Toronto, Canada, for Ujjawal Madan, it all started while he was a student in elementary school picking up the piano at just nine years old. Three years after that, he gained an interest in the trumpet at only twelve years old.

When the Final School Bell Rung

After his school years and closing his high school days, he continued his musical performance earning him partial scholarships and even full rides to such significant universities, including Julliard. …

Data analytics are at the forefront of technology, and it’s something that you can expect to see more and more of in the future. Here are 6 new developments to look out for.

Data analytics and data science have increased in demand, but there are not enough professionals to fill these positions. The shortage is expected to worsen as the demand for qualified professionals continues to grow.

An Increasing Reliance on Large Data Networks

Using the wealth of information in consumer data, companies can supplement their existing customer data to create new services and personalized products that address unmet needs…

Ujjawal Madan

Ujjawal Madan is currently an on-campus student in the MS in Analytics Program at Georgia Tech. Ujjawal was born in New Delhi India, moved around a little bit,

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